Pregnancy & Exercise: My Top 4 Ways to Work It Out

Pregnancy and exercise, the words don’t really seem to fit together right?

Wrong! You need to keep your body moving during your pregnancy and here are my top 4 ways to WORK IT OUT!

Note: please talk to your care provider before adding or changing your exercise program.

1. Prenatal Yoga

OMG. I used to look forward to my weekly prenatal yoga sessions. Being with other women with gorgeous swelling bellies was always a way to catch up and be surrounded people who understood me. Our teacher had many great tips to share and always was helpful for adjusting us into more correct positions. Savasana was (and still is) my favourite position due to the stillness. I especially loved my prenatal yoga class when pregnant with baby number two. It was a time for me and me only. We’ve some listed Calgary prenatal yoga classes on our Resources page!

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2. Swimming

As the pregnancy weight increases, swimming allows your body to forget about gravity dragging down on your growing shape. Slow laps or prenatal water workouts are great for cardio. Check out the listings at the local pool to see if they have specialized prenatal classes or ask the instructors if they can modify them for you. And laps, just head to an open lap time and float away!

3. Walking

If you were a runner before pregnancy, you can probably be a runner for most of your pregnancy. Anyone, however, can be a walker. Head outside, count your steps, take the stairs; whatever gets you moving. My friend and I would walk the neighbourhood in the evening to catch up and focus on us. Outside, inside, up stairs or down, just do it!

4. Birth Boot Camp

I didn’t have this program when I was pregnant, but lucky you!! Part of the Birth Boot Camp mandate is to help you to stay low risk and we have an exercise program within the course! Starting from week 2 and onward, you’ll receive new stretches and exercises to incorporate into your daily routines straight from our advisory board! Have you heard of foam rolling? We’ll show you how to massage yourself with a foam roller!

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What is your favourite way to exercise during pregnancy? Please share it below in the comment section!

With Love and Light,